Considering Cosmetic Surgery? Choose not to…

We take years of of your appearance with our cutting edge “fit faces” treatment program.

We partner with our clients to develop a holistic protocol utilizing Myotonology Facial Muscle Toning; Ultrasound Rejuvenation; Light Therapy; Customized peels and more…

We educate our clients in healthy lifestyle choices which enhance anti-aging benefits.

We gently guide our clients with health-based skin challenges.

Who benefits?

All ages.

  • 20’s- consistent, regular Myo facials define contours and prevent muscle tone loss. Models use the procedure before photo shoots.
  • 30’s- begin with short mini series, then monthly maintenance.
  • 40’s- series of 12-15 sessions, then monthly maintenance.
  • 50’s -15-20 sessions, then monthly maintenance.
  • 60’s and up -20-30 sessions, then monthly maintenance.