Trans Fat Means Trouble for Your Memory

Can’t seem to remember where you set you keys? Constantly forgetting to pick up the dry-cleaning? Well put down the potato chips and step away from the snack cakes, because your favorite processed foods could be the culprit.

Memory Meltdown
A study by a team at UC San Francisco and released by the American Heart Association has revealed that foods high in trans fats, like French fries, chips and doughnuts, are linked to a decline in memory for men under the age of 45.

For the study, 1,000 healthy men were asked to fill out a dietary questionnaire allowing researchers to estimate their daily trans fat consumption. The men were then given a memory test, where they were shown 104 cards with words printed on them. The men had to state whether the word they were shown was new or duplicated from an earlier card.

Researchers found those who consumed the most trans fat remembered 10 percent fewer words than those who consumed less of the unhealthy fat, even after participants’ age, education, ethnicity and depression were taken into account.

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