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Sharon Friend microcurrent facial toning

Sharon Friend

Considering cosmetic surgery?  Choose not to… Myotonology®, also known as microcurrent facial toning, addresses droopy eyelids, loose skin, sagging facial muscles, and facial wrinkles. During a session, we are able to isolate about thirty muscles in the face to give you the desired youthful appearance.  Proper tone is restored to the facial muscles by stimulating muscle fibers with low electrical impulses. This non-surgical process has been featured in Vogue and on Oprah and has been used by numerous celebrities for years. Models use the microcurrent facial toning procedure before photo shoots for stronger definition.

Nationally recognized Myotonology® expert, Sharon Friend draws on her background in healthcare, and has treated a loyal clientele of celebrities since opening her Myotonology® practice in 1994. She combines her healthcare training with esthetics in order to bring her clients cutting edge facial rejuvenation services.  She is certified in Oncology and Para-Medical esthetics.

In an interview with Business Wire, Sharon shared, “My philosophy is to enhance each client’s ageless beauty, using the body’s natural abilities,” Sharon says. “Myotonology® is the best non-invasive microcurrent skin toning treatment on the market because it allows me to isolate and sculpt approximately 30 muscles of the face. By stimulating muscle fibers with low electrical pulses, I am able to restore proper tone to the facial muscles to create a face-lift effect.”

Sharon adds that Myotonology® is an excellent treatment for muscles after extended Botox treatment has left the muscle atrophied and sagging. For clients, the treatment is relaxing, with no down time and no pain. The majority – 95 percent of Sharon’s clientele – men and women alike, request nothing but Myotonology® treatment.

“My clients, who are highly knowledgeable about anti-aging treatments, love this rejuvenation treatment because it is a truly effective and natural option,” Sharon says. “Myotonolgy is the core of our FitFaces treatment program.”

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