How long will it take to for my clients to see results?
Some individuals will see immediate changes in their skin, and as with most intense treatments, improvement is increasingly obvious over a period of time. Most individuals will see some results after three sessions and noticeable changes after 10-15 sessions. Results depend on age, skin condition, and lifestyle choices. For example, non-smokers will likely see more results than smokers.

What do microcurrent treatments feel like?
They are comfortable and relaxing. Some clients experience a mild tingling sensation when the microcurrents are being applied.

How many microcurrent treatments are recommended per client?
The Myotonology® procedure is recommended two to three times per week, though this sometimes varies based on an individual’s skin condition. Once the series is completed, the suggested maintenance program is once every three to four weeks.

Can Myotonology® treatments be used in conjunction with other facial regimens?
Absolutely! Combining the microcurrent therapy with other facials is an excellent skin care program, and there is no problem with receiving microcurrent therapy along with other facial regimens like Botox® and fillers.

What will happen if a client discontinues the sessions?
The Myotonology® process is based on an initial series of sessions for cumulative results, followed by recommended maintenance sessions for continued results.

LED – Is it safe?
Absolutely. The LED light uses less energy than a night light. The treatments have no undesirable side effects, no down time, and do not utilize any ultraviolet light. In addition, our LED Light Therapy’s cool temperatures cannot harm the skin in any way.

Are Ultrasound treatments painful?
No.  Ultrasound treatments are non-invasive, painless, and suitable for all skin types.

Do you have more questions?  Please ask!